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Who manages the Geopark Naturtejo?

Geopark Naturtejo is managed by Naturtejo EIM, a company formed by the Association of Municipalities Nature and Tagus (Castelo Branco, Idanha-a-Nova, Nisa, Oleiros, Proença-a-Nova and Vila Velha de Ródão) and by private associates.

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Who can be a partner of Naturtejo Geopark?

To be a partner of the Geopark Naturtejo is necessary to become associated with the Naturtejo EIM, aiming the promotion and enhancement of tourist municipalities which are part, aimed at the balanced exploitation of its potentialities and resources, bearing in mind the historical, cultural and natural heritage.

Who can use the logos of Naturtejo Geopark?

The logos may be used by municipalities and companies associated with the Geopark Naturtejo. In other cases should be applied for specific authorization and set to use. 

What restrictions imposes the Geopark Naturtejo in it’s territory?

Geoparks are not regulated in legislation so the Geopark Naturtejo imposes no restriction. 

Wich legislation applies to Geoparks?

Geoparks are subject to the legislation of each country. Currently, in Portugal, geoparks are considered supranational figures, according to the Decree-Law 142/2008 establishing the legal framework for nature conservation, but no restrictions are made.

How is a Geopark from Global Geoparks Network funded?

Geoparks have their own financing, through its local unit structures and/or European and national projects.

Is it allowed to sale fossils, rocks or minerals in Geoparks?

According to the Charter of the Geoparks, accepted by all geoparks in the Global Geoparks Network, the sale of geological material is not allowed on places that belong to the organizational structure of the Geopark.

The  Naturtejo Geopark dedicates exclusively to Geodiversity?

The Geopark promotes the sustainable development of the territory on the basis of their asset values, including not only the Geodiversity but also Biodiversity and the Cultural-Historical Heritage, involving all the local agents, businessmen and inhabitants.

What is a Geoproduct?

A Geoproduct is a new business opportunity, combining traditional products with innovative approaches with the Geopark brand, from geo-sweets to jewelry or wine.

What are the benefits for the Naturtejo territory from Geopark status?

This was the first Portuguese Geopark, which has enjoyed national and international promotion in the European and Global Geoparks Network, the brand of quality supported by UNESCO, the substantial increase in the number of visitors (including tourists, students and teachers), a tourism development  and geoconservation replica breitling watches strategies and valorization of the heritage and tourist resources.

How is maintained the Geopark status?

Geoparks are evaluated every 4 years, according to detailed criteria defined by the Global Geoparks Network. If the Geopark comply with all criteria is awarded with a "Green Card",  or without recommendations, if significant problems are detected is assigned a "yellow card" and has a period of two years to correct these aspects until further evaluation.

Are there other geoparks in Portugal?

There are currently 4 geoparks in Portugal: Geopark Naturtejo Meseta Meridional,  Arouca Geopark in the municipality of Arouca, Azores, in Azores archipelago and Geopark Lands of Knights, in the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros.

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